IP Innovation

IP Innovation is a provider of patent, publishing and research services in Asia

We are experts in supporting innovation. We provide reliable and timely patent and scientific information to companies and academics engaged in cutting-edge research. And we connect publishers and database owners to new users who depend on having the best information available.


Experts in sourcing patent and research literature

Our experience and network of partners across the world means that we can get hold of international patents and obscure research literature to help support your company's vital research or patent litigation. We deal efficiently with foreign government bureaucracy and tracking down out-of-print publications, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Patent and technical information, in your own language

Specialist research requires specialist translation. We work in partnership with linguists who we know from experience can be trusted to deliver accurate and reliable translation of specialist or technical texts. So if your research or patent litigation means understanding patents or journal articles written in a foreign language, you can rely on us to deliver.


Getting your publications to people who need them

We represent major journal, e-book and database publishers in Japan and South Korea. We use our local knowledge and extensive network of contacts to make sure that your publications are read and used by researchers, academics and information professionals at leading universities and companies.